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Prefabricated solutions for superior flexibility and sustainability.

Prefabricated LGS buildings combine long-lasting performance and design flexibility to suit an extensive range of applications, weather conditions and geography. Whatever the desired specifications of a project, LGS delivers the most adaptability of any other modern structural framing material, along with a compelling list of other benefits:


STRENGTH - One of the highest strength to weight ratios of any building material; corrosion-resistant; dimensionally stable.


LIGHTWEIGHT - Wall panels and trusses weigh less without sacrificing durability; faster and easier installation.


ALIGNMENT - Immune to temperature change; doesn't warp, chip, crack, split, expand or contract over time.


PERFORMANCE - Better suited to handle regional hazards like higher snow loads, greater wind speeds, and earthquakes.


SAFETY - 100% noncombustible; impervious to dry rot and termites; doesn't require pesticides or toxic preservatives.


HEALTH - Allergy-free material that won't contribute to mold or produce volatile organic compounds (VOC's).


COST SAVINGS - Streamlined production; faster installation; greater adaptability; lower maintenance; better insulation.


ECO-FRIENDLY - Produces substantially less waste than raw materials; 
100% recyclable. 

Precision manufacturing and rapid assembly.

When it comes time to assemble LGS framing systems, the precision and structural integrity of our LGS components are proven to be the best time and again.


SCCI Global uses the innovative MC-X Series™ of rollformers by  Metcon Global to manufacture the highest quality LGS framing systems on the market.


Our rollforming technology produces the highest quality LGS components--precut prefabricated and prepunched, thereby saving time and cost by accelerating assembly.

Versatility for any location on the map.

LGS technology is ideal for countries undergoing rapid infrastructure and housing development. It provides a cost-effective solution to regions where severe weather (hurricanes, floods, etc.) and geographic hazards (snow, earthquakes, etc.) must be considered.


Rust and water rot is not a concern for humid climates since galvanization prevents moisture from  breaking down the material.


No special skills are required to assemble an LGS structure. Ordinary construction skills are more than adequate. Since the components are precut and pre-punched, part alignment and assembly is incredibly easy.  And SCCI Global can help you set up a manufacturing facility anywhere in the world to produce your components right onsite. 

Light Gauge Steel

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